Erlang Developer

IDT Technologies - Минск

About project/client

Our company Newark, USA based telecommunications company IDT with branches around the world is seeking for Erlang developer to add him to the existing dedicated team. The primary responsibility of this position is creating new and supporting old versions of the “Call routing system”. The system is responsible of real time dynamic SIP routing of thousands of calls per minute globally based on a large set of rules.

This position supposes teamwork (developers and testers, situated in Minsk and Newark) based on Agile methodology.


  • Backend processes may run on the CentOS-7, Amazon Linux, 64-bit only.

  • Backend processes are written in Erlang/OTP (>= 18) and C++11 (>= 4.8.2).

  • Frontend: TBD. Expected approach is Erlang-based web server/framework (preferably based on cowboy) + JS framework (JQuery/Bootstrap/AngularJS etc).

  • Build systems: rebar (Erlang projects), autotools (C++ projects).

  • Some of backend processes communicate to Oracle DB (12).

  • Source/version control system used: git, gitolite.

  • Documentation engine for the project: Maven Doxia.

  • Collaboration tools: Atlassian Jira, Confluence; Basecamp.


  • Erlang/OTP - strong level
  • C++11 - strong level
  • autotools - is a plus
  • rebar - is a plus
  • git - is a big plus
  • Oracle SQL - basic
  • JavaScript - is a plus
  • HTML - basic
  • Shell scripting - strong level
  • Education in Computer Science, Engineering, Math or Physics (or equivalent experience)

  • English: reading and understanding technical documentation, ideally Fluent English

You're welcome! Feel free to check any details!