Разработчик на Erlang

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Добавлена: 2020-11-14
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Позиция: разработчик на Erlang

Уровень: Upper Middle/Senior

Формат: Удаленная работа

Описание деятельности:


* Discuss and debate with your peers as you help figure out product requirements and the architectural approach to getting things built.

* Design and implement needle-mover features with simplicity, elegance, and economy.

* Research industry and academic leading-edge algorithms for distributed replication, consistency, availability, and scalability.

* Develop high-quality software and use unit, component, and end-to-end automation tests so we know we have high-quality software.

* Be agile.

Minimum Qualifications

* You’re a self-motivated, independent, and high-performance person. You learn quickly and you enjoy worthy challenges.

* You have excellent analytical skills and a passion for pinning down technical issues and solving problems.

* You’re a good communicator and an excellent teammate.

* You have 3+ years of experience shipping commercial or open-source software.

* You have experience processing queries on non-relational data.

* You are proficient in systems programming.

* You like working in organizations that strive to have a good balance between doing it right and moving quickly.

Preferred Qualifications

* You are proficient in Erlang/OTP, but you’d also like to step into the world of other languages like JavaScript , Python ,Go.

* You have experience optimizing declarative queries.

* You have experience building a parallel DBMS.